From The Beginning:

1992 four car buffs from the Downriver Area formed a club called the Roam'n Chariots.  These four put their efforts forward to form a club of no annual dues, mandatory meetings, and no elected officers.  A unique colorful logo was designed.  This is Michigan so palm trees were added to make you think summer.
Today with the same concept in force the club is in the hundreds.  We still support the original concept.  We now have a non-mandatory yearly active membership fee (currently $10).  We support other clubs and welcome them to participate with us.  We do not have sign-ins, nor do we tell members what shows or cruises they have to attend. Participation is strictly up to the individual.  Demanding or Boycotting is not in our vocabulary.  Members just come out and have fun.  Helping out is on a voluntary basis.

We are a classic car Club, therefore to join our club we accept vehicles 1984 & Older.

We are for benefit of designated charities.  

Fun From Our Club:
Our Friday cruise nights start in May at New Location Southgate Shopping Center on Eureka and Trenton Roads.  We do ask to give the classics ample room to park.
Our annual car show, usually in August, is not only a benefit, but a fun filled day for the whole family.   Food is sold at very reasonable prices.  This fun day is held at the Southgate Library / City Hall on Dix Toledo Road in Southgate, Michigan.  Everyone - all makes, models & years are welcomed to particpate in our annual show.  All proceeds go to Henry Ford Hospice SandCastles.

We have members who go out on their own to direct other benefit shows.  And like our sponsored show, we support these members, but participation is up to the individual member (see 'What's Happening (Show) page.
We wish you a great and safe cruising season.

Answer to a repeated question.

Regarding the Friday night Cruise we have been asked on several occasions about our rule of 'Show Vehicles 1984 and older'. 

By doing this we are not by any means trying to discriminate against individual, but in-fact trying to have ample spaces for the show cars that meet the criteria.  As far as Friday night goes, we have signs to support our rules of show vehicles up to 1984.   Because of newer vehicles, we have in the past, we have seen much older coupes park in the general parking.  So sometimes rules have to apply.   We do have a stipulation on any vehicle newer, that it has to be customized, no bolt-ons.  So if you take that as discrimination, than that's within you.

On the slower nights when we have open spots, in the last two rows in the north lot for newer modified vehicles.  We don't feel this is unreasonable, but many don't want to meet us half way.  So rules then apply.

We are a classic car club 1984 & older.  At this time we  be keeping it this way.    Again, the stipulation applies that if a vehicle is totally customized (no bolt-ons) we will take a look at that. 

Regarding our show - which by the way we only sponsor one - we have never turned away a newer vehicle.  In fact we have trophies up to the 2000's.

We are about benefits - not about profit to our club!!!